Welcome Sincout from Toronto!


Hi there! My name is Arjuna, and as a fellow Torontonian, I want to extend you an official welcome to Living With Myasthenia Gravis! It must have been very tough for you to have dealt with a sepsis attack among other things following your diagnosis. It is important to have a great support group at times like this, and I am very happy for you that you do have those. You also made a great decision by joining us here. If you have any questions, or want tricks or tips on how to adjust, I highly suggest that you create your own discussion thread on this site. To do so, you may click on the “+ New Topic” tab, which will allow you to start typing up your question.

PS- that is a very interesting title to your autobiography, and I just looked it up and it is very inspiring!

I wish you the very best ! Feel free to ask us any questions you may have on how to use this site.



Hi Arjuna
Thanks for your note. And your very kind words.
I haven’t been online much recently as we moved to Brockville, and then hightailed it out of the cold to Florida!
Looking forward to a long Canadian summer. A group of us are also founding a MG support group for people in the Ottawa area. First meeting May 26th

That is excellent to hear- talking to others going through the very same thing can go a long way, I applaud you all for getting that started! How has it been so far? Have you heard of any insights/recommendations from your group that our current members may find useful?

Hope it all goes well @Sincout , and we would love to here back from you on your health as well as your group!

-Arjuna from ModSupport